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Voicenter Cloud Contact Center offer one of the most innovative telephony system in the telecom and call center industry, while maintaining full flexibility for the call center's needs, along with smart telephony tools for each representative and integration with the organization's CRM or any information systems.

Services & Products:

  • Call Center solution
  • Cloud IP-PBX
  • Developers tools (API)
  • International calls - SIP Trunk
  • Virtual conference rooms

Our vision is to strive for continuous improvement of the communication between the end user and its business environment, through the development of innovative telephony tools that provide added value with every call.

Company Profile

About Voicenter

Voicenter is an innovative telephony company, which develops advanced cloud based communication solutions for the Business sector, since 2011. Voicenter operates a public telephony cloud, spread over the U.S., Europe, Far East, Australia and Israel, allowing our customers to enjoy a wide range of flexible telephony tools, creating an ultimate communication solution for organizations with changing needs.

We provide a complete communication solution for business organizations in iaas model, which includes Real Time & Monitoring tools for the telephony system, tools for integration between the organization's existing information systems and the telephony system, and a variety of other tools that serve as a communication platform for each of the end users in the organization.

The Technology

Voicenter services are based on Starkey technology, which is company property. Starkey develops VoIP services that simplify and enhance business communication through Voice, Video, Conferencing, Instant Messaging and Contact Centers.

Designed for telecom operators, StarKey's innovative technology offers a centralized information system for service management.

The technology offers a wide range of advanced features over the Cloud, focusing on clients' needs and improving daily communication worldwide.

Along with the wide variety of services and features supported, comes a wide set of tools for the telecom operator which improve service quality, system and employees efficiency, and reduce operational cost.

System Structure

System Structure

Contact Center Overview

Voicenter's Strategy in Contact Center Solutions development is creating an end-user-focused telephony system, which provides full communication between various teams and representatives in the organization, unique tools for the Contact Center representatives and a central work platform, incorporating all the necessary information they need with every interaction with the customer.

The belief that users are those who create the organization focuses us on the end user and his needs. This is how we ensure the organization with a telephony system that is tailored its current needs and flexible enough to answer any future needs, future proofing the organization.

Case study

Private Cloud Case Study

Delivery of multi-channel communication

system for Oppenheimer Israel trading room

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Private and Public Cloud integrated with Voicenter Connect Case Study

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" Voicenter's service provides us with an optimal solution for our needs - a central multi-channel communication system, focused on the end user's needs, allowing us to manage business processes efficiently with no need to run several different systems. There is no doubt that the solution fits exactly to our obligation to lead the innovation in our branch and keep creating new competitive advantages."

Uzi Eliyahu, IT Manager, Oppenheimer

" My Call Center solution is based on Voicenter Cloud. The advanced features and services along with the data reporting system and the Real Time interface help me improve the representative's efficiency, thus improving the overall performance of the organization. Voicecenter's customer service is at the highest level, both professionally and humanly speaking. "

Itay Paz, CEO, Success Group

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